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Business Angel

As a Business Angel, it is very hard to find the great deals. You have to be known by entrepreneurs, communities, and other investors. In addition, you have to remain top of mind to have access to the fundraising rounds. 

We select a couple of deals a year that we share with our closed community of selected investors. These are the companies we believe in the most. Before presenting them to this community, our Dups team thoroughly reviews and challenges the business plan, valuation, and team. 

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Institutional Investor

At dups, we give entrepreneurs a better chance to raise funds by giving them financial and legal advice. We support startups in their fundraising process and most importantly make them investment-ready, which we hope makes the fundraising process easier for everyone. 

The startups we help are selected by our investment committee with decades of combined experience in the sector.

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We have done an extensive quantitative survey to gather the insights of business angels, institutional investors and entreprneurs. 

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