Multidisciplinary assistance for startups

Strengthening the financial, legal, and governance side of your startup not only benefits you but also makes it more appealing to potential investors and partners.

First intake at no cost

Transparent fees

Subsidies accreditation

Fund raising
A to Z

Business plan, valuation, pitch
Funding mix (debt vs. equity)
Finding investors
Negotiation (Term sheet)
Legal & gov (shareholder agreement)
Close the deal

A to Z

Business plan, valuation, investment memo, process letter, data room
Finding buyers
Negotiation (Letter of intent)
Legal & gov (share purchase agreement)
Close the deal

À la

Business plan
Legal and governance
Shareholder agreement
Stock option plan

How we work

All-in service (with succes fee)

We assist you throughout the entire fundraising or sales process. We remain your partner until the end, and we will only put down our pen once the agreement is signed at the notary’s office.

Tailored packages to meet your specific needs

We assist you wherever you need us. Financial planning, valuation, stock option plans, negotiation, shareholder agreement, share transfer agreement, reporting, etc.

Our expertise

We specialize in startups and scale-ups with a unique multidisciplinary approach.


We have supported nearly 200 startups in their financial planning and valuation.


If we agree to accompany you in your fundraising from A to Z, it means we truly believe in your project and will do everything to make it successful.


No templates at Dups; we start from a blank page and tailor our legal documents to meet your specific needs and shareholder structure.


Experience is key to knowing what to negotiate, what not to negotiate, what is standard, and what is not. With 30 years of experience behind us, you can be confident.

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