A to Z fundraising and exit support for startups

Ready-to-go advice, holistic & solution-oriented approach

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We offer startups triple-play assistance to make them investment ready and get them to raise capital under the best conditions: financial, legal and corporate governance advice – all in one!

1. Valuation range and business plan

We define a valuation range with you and help you draft or challenge your business plan.

2. Financial conditions

We consider together the financial conditions of a deal, i.e. your financing needs and the different options for structuring your fundraising.

3. Finding investors

We have built a strong network of investors active in various industries, regions and sizes of fundraising. We make this network available to you through a personalized shortlist of contacts you should pitch your startup to.

4. Legal and governance

We walk you through the legal process and technicalities. Deal is not just about price, and a lot of fundamental legal aspects need to be considered. We’re by your side from A to Z.

5. Negotiation

We help you negotiate the best deal for creating value, now and in the future.

6. Close the deal

We close the deal with you. This includes drafting shareholders, management or share purchase agreements, and any other legal documents.

A to Z support flow

  • Business plan
  • Valuation
  • Financing structure (debt vs.equity, tranches)
  • Teaser
  • NDA
  • Pitch / investment memo
Finding investors / buyers
  • Business angels
  • VC
  • Banks
  • PE
  • Strategic buyer
Expression of interest
  •  Letter of intent
  • Term sheet
Due diligence
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Technical
  • Data room
Closing & legal documents
  • Shareholder Agreement / Share Purchase Agreement
  • Management Agreement
  • Representations and warranties

Success fee
no cure, no pay

If a startup passes our selection process, we may work with a success fee. In that case, if the fundraising is not successful, it’s no success, no pay – we bear that risk alongside founders!
Otherwise, we charge an average fee of 5% of the amounts raised, that we may adapt to the size of the deal.

First intake at
no cost

We want to get to know you and your project. Only then, we will see whether we can help you and whether the alchemy is working.

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